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Armidale Little Athletics Association - Competition Afternoons

 During School Terms IV and I

Thursday from 5.00 pm (warm up) until about 6.30 pm to 7.00 pm - depending on numbers in group

Armidale Little Athletics Association CLUB WINNERS


Armidale Little Athletics Association Clubmanship Trophy Winners

2008/2009 Kasimir Gregory
2006/2007 Not awarded
2005/2006 Boahdan Gregory
2004/2005 Bridie Goggins
2003/2004 John Rowbottom
2002/2003 Kylie Dunn
2001/2002 Timothy Rowbottom
2000/2001 Christopher Rowbottom


Armidale Little Athletics Pointscore Champion

2008/2009 Kasimir Gregory
2006/2007 Grace Pears
2005/2006 Rory Pearson
2004/2005 Seamus Hayes
2003/2004 John Rowbottom
2002/2003 Samantha Webster
2001/2002 Alex Walkowiak & Kasimir Gregory
2000/2001 Angus Reckord
1999/2000 Daniel Williamson
1998/1999 Emily Cranfield
1997/1998 J Vannucci & S Fenton
1996/1997 Jessica Vannucci


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